Spring.me has gone full retard.


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What’s worse than social media bullshit? Super fake social media bullshit. I wish this who  “what do think” crap would disappear. I can’t even watch my favorite shows without some lame pop-up covering a third of the screen asking me “what is your favorite egg dish?” or “did the judges get it right?”. Who the fuck cares! In 10 years the makers of these shows will look back and wonder why they thought intrusive pop-ups full of inane opinions was ever a good idea.

Music of the Day asked

Justin Timberlake’s new song “TKO” is about a bad breakup. What’s your breakup song?

Music of the Day asked

What do you think about Avicii and electronic dance music?

Music of the Day asked

Jason Derulo: “Talk Dirty” has some awesome dancing! What song always makes you dance?

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Something Awful You Did Has Been Posted Online! Instantcheckmate.com Scam.


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Takes you to the scumbags at instantcheckmate.com. There’s a special place in hell reserved for these folks.

Something Awful You Did Has Been Posted Online
Are these horrible things true?

clay@claybutler.com swift action is necessary if you don’t want EVERYONE you know seeing these shameful acts you committed Monday.

Before it’s too late. please confirm using your personal record ID #3123989804510830063

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I have a sexy surprise for you!


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What can I say, this one just plain rocks! The video is actually very well crafted and they are going to make a ton of money from a lot of desperate guys. Video is here. Put in a bullshit email : www.3questionsgetthegirl.com

Before you read this, PLEASE do not share this message with anyone
...this is just for you.....

Hello, my name is Vin, I am a master seduction artist, and I have developed
an exciting sexy mind control technique that I am sharing with a select
few men today. This sexy mind control technique will give you the ability to
LEGALLY control a woman's mind and get her to do anything that you want her to do.

And when I say ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING.......just use your imagination.

Now, these techniques are so EASY to learn, that you will master
them in just a few days.

Here's the problem, these mind control techniques are so powerful that
it may not be legal for too much longer for me to share them with other people.

So if you want to learn how to CONTROL a woman's mind, then you will need
to watch my short video now while it's still LEGAL.
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Wavee Penny Auction Scam


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Another game of Whack-a-Mole going on here. One penny auction gets run out of town and another one takes its place. Fuck Wavee and their scammity scam ways. Check out their fake unsubscribe page. They want you to put in your email. The nerve!

wavee scam unsubscribe

Limited Christmas Offer: iPads 4 for $124.97 Click Here
Get trendy products at 95% Off The Retail Price! Click Here
iPad Auctions $12 – WHAT A DEAL! Click Here
3.. 2.. 1.. SOLD! Auctions for penny on the dollar. Click Here
If you can’t read or see this email, Click Here

wavee penny auction scam

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Scam – Validate Your Internet Listing Yellow PagesUSA (Yellow Pages USA)


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Made to look like an invoice for a service you already have, Yellow PagesUSA (Yellow Pages USA ) has been scamming people for years. If you get this, you don’t really have a listing with them to renew, and you wouldn’t want to if you did. Desperate attempt to make you think they are the same company that distributes the big yellow book to your house. Expensive and useless. Avoid at costs. I also recommend not paying for any internet “yellow” listing regardless of the company. The business model is a dinosaur that is dying off fast. It was barely relevant ten years ago and even less so  now. Promote your business through a Google Places listing, a Yelp! business profile, Facebook page, Craigslist or your own website instead. Here’s the PDF invoice they send out.

Dear Customer:

Please verify your ACTUAL LISTING by printing and completing the attached form.

Please make payment by check or credit card as listed on the form.

Return the stub and payment to the following address.

Yellow PagesUSA Corp.
391 NW 179th Ave
Aloha, OR 97006

Save Trees and Money!!
We have taken the phone book out of the desk drawer and placed it on the
desktop! We offer a dynamic and interactive product that can be quickly and
easily accessed by you and your customers.
We have eliminated what advertisers do not like about the printed Yellow Pages
books, and we are far less expensive. Because we do not bear the expense of
ink, paper, binding and distribution, we can pass the savings on to you!

Phone: 843-282-0301
Fax: 843-282-0035
Email: info@yellowpagesusa.com
Website: www.yellowpagesusa.com

PLEASE REPLY TO: unsubscribe@yellowpagesusa.com
Removal requests sent to above address will be honored and respected

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The Best Penile Enlargement Spam That Isn’t


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Had to read through this one several times before I understood it really was just for a golf club.


Eat your friends for lunch with the HammerX Driver.
This amazing driver obsoletes all 460cc Drivers and has a see through head.
Its shaft is actually flat, cutting through the air like a sword.
You’ll add an easy 50 yards on your drive and reduce any slice. Check it out at

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Find Cancer Now!


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Finally, a helpful guide on how to find cancer. And once you get it you can use the same email to find treatments. I’ve been trying to get cancer for years with no luck. Guess I haven’t been hitting the “best places”.

best places to get cancer - how to get cancer

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World Habitat Day – Oct. 4 – Fake, Scam, or Real?


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I don’t know what to think about this. I mean, come on now, Hi Clay Â, and what I am supposed to do with this information anyway. Post it on this blog as they suggest. I don’t get it. But I shall grant their wish. My dear loyal readers, please enjoy this wonderful piece of spam from Habitat for Humanity.

Hi Clay Â

On Oct. 4, Habitat for Humanity will join efforts around the world to mark World Habitat Day – a day the United Nations has set aside to call attention to the dire need for affordable, adequate housing. I’m reaching out to ask if you and your readers would help raise awareness about the global need for decent housing by posting about it on Dear Spam Diary. I’ve put together a microsite with facts, videos, photos, banners and even a way to submit your own photo to the World Habitat Day Photo Wall, so please feel free to repost any of it:


If you are able to post about this, it would really help spread the message of the housing need around the world and ways to help improve many lives. Please let me know if you have any questions and if you are able to help. Thank you so much.


Liza Peiffer,
On behalf of Habitat for Humanity

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Uh, I’ll Take 600 Pounds of Mongolian Clay…


Posted by Mr Spamalicious | Posted in Miscellaneous Spam - Spam That Defies Categorization, Nigerian and 419 Scam Spam - Hidden Bank Accounts, Dead Aristocrats, Lotteries, and International Espionage | Posted on 08-29-2010

I just love getting these. The scam is very simple – to try to buy very heavy merchandise using stolen credit cards. However, you have to arrange for the shipping with their preferred (fake) shipping company. You’ll be asked to pre-pay the shipping cost with Western Union and add that to the credit card bill. Then you ship the product, the credit card is denied and you’re out the product and the shipping costs. What makes these so amusing is that the scammers are so desperate and dumb that they will go along with anything you say. So they’re quite fun to fuck with. This one is from “Nick” who apparently confuses my name with the product.

From: Nick White (updatesdesk@gmail.com)

Subject: Urgent Response

Am Nick White and i will like to know if you do sell Clays ? If you do then, I will like to know some of the types and  price range of  those that you have at the moment. I As soon as you reply me with those information? I will get back you to with the quantity that will like to order so that we can proceed from there.

For the payment, i will like to know if you do take major credit card as method of payment?

Thank you and do not forget to include your Name and Phone number when getting back to me.


Why yes I do.

We have three types in stock right now.

Brazilian Clay that’s best for earthen work and has a deeper red tone to it.
It’s $5.95 per pound

A Mongolian Clay that’s best for porcelain work due to it’s high porcini content (that’s where the name porcelain comes from)
It’s $8.95 per pound

Indonesian Clay that has a high plasticity due to naturally occurring enzymes and phyto-nutrients
It a bit expensive at $12.99 per pound.

Are you interested in any of these?

Yes we take all major credit cards and ship anywhere in the world.

Clay Butler
Owner of Caverns O’Clay

Thank you for the response, what will be the subtotal cost of 600 pounds of the Mongolian Clay


Total cost is $5,370

Thank you for the response once again, Am sending them to ( Haiti ) So, I will like you to contact ( Saxasea  Shipping Co. ) with the weight, sizes, quantity, pick up and the delivery  location and ask them what will be the shipping charges to ship the clays to ( Port-Au-Prince, Haiti ). And get back to me with the subtotal cost of all the clays and the shipping charges so that, I will provide you with my major credit card information for you to run through all charges.

The shipping company email address is saxaseashipping@live.com

The shipping address is as follows:
The Church Of the Lord
1st Ave Rue Martelly Seïde
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, HT6110

Thank you,

Sorry Nick,

I talked it over with our insurance department and I’m going to have to pass on your order. We’re not shipping to Haiti right now. Our last batch of clay was stolen by looters and never made it to the buyer. When it was found a week later most of it had already been made into poorly made pinch pots and wobbly coil mugs. The insurance company said that since the clay had been modeled, glazed, and fired it was no longer the same product and therefor no longer covered by our policy! Apparently there is a black market for everything including ceramic supplies. Haiti is too unstable right now.


Clay Butler
Owner of Caverns O’Clay

Thank you for the response once again, I don’t have problem when it come’s to using this shipping co. They have been handle my shipment for the past years and they do handle my shipment very safety. so just go ahead and contact them and get me the shipping quote so that we can proceed with the payment. I can sing a document that will show if the goods departure from your location after the shipping co. have pick up the goods, it’s my own risk.


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Fine “Ass” Jewelry “Collection”


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Well, I guess some spam is OK. However their abuse of quotation marks is just unacceptable. Are they saying this jewelry isn’t fine and that it’s actually crap.

Subject: Gorgeous Collection

We Only Carry “Fine” Jewelry….

It’s a Beautiful Collection.

ass jewelry

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What kind of sick world do we live in when a man can’t enjoy 48 ounces of beer with his meal without risking a DUI. Totally shameful! Reminds me of the time I got busted for a DUI after doing only four lines of cocaine on Thanksgiving. Everyone knows turkey slows the digestion of blow so to my body it’s like I only did two lines. Fucking cops.



three years ago i got a DUI only after having  two 24 oz mugs of beer and eating a meal.

that day changed my life forever !
and i do mean forever !


the worst was 30 days in jail, and the humiliating 5 trips
in front of the judge, 3 years probation and i only blew a .o8

and new this year in California (or any other State) on your first offense
you must install a ignition interlock device ( I.I.D. )



Click Here or http://bit.ly/cARC8N

Your friend
Donovan Schultz

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CVS Pharmacy Rip Off – Dear customer! Message that you received in the mail is NOT A SPAM! It is legal.


Posted by Mr Spamalicious | Posted in Miscellaneous Spam - Spam That Defies Categorization, One Pill Makes You Larger Spam - Online Pharmacies, Pills, and Erectile Dysfuntion Cures | Posted on 07-09-2010

So these scumbags send me this email message. And then they have the nerve to redirect me to a site explaining that this is not spam and that they will sue anyone who slanders them. Then they ask you to buy stuff for friends! Unfucking believable!

Below is a screenshot of their broken English bullshit threats. ( You can view a PDF version here)

But wait it get’s even better, not only are they threatening a lawsuit for calling them spammers they themselves are appropriating the trademarked name and colors from legitimate pharmacy CVS. Too fucking funny.

Yeah right, they are totally going to sue me. May they burn in hell for eternity and a day.

Subject : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mail Client ID: 02126-05515-05022-73744

http://ojnicework.com (redirects to jfklove.net)

legal threat from spammers

Now here are some screenshots of their rip off site ( on top) and the original CVS Pharmacy site (on bottom)

spammers rip off CVS Pharmacy_website
Here’s the text version of the threat:
Dear customer!
A message that you received in the mail is NOT A SPAM!
It is legal.
It means only that your friend, relative or other person who knows your email, made a purchase at one of our sites and asked us to send you a proposal.
If you no longer wish to receive offers from us, you can always unsubscribe from our mailing list and your email will be deleted from our database.
You have 2 minutes to unsubscribe, then you will be redirected to the main site.
Current number of unsubscribed persons is 730, you can be Number 731!
Do not rush to close this page, even if you do not want to buy our products, perhaps your friends are interested, or you can make a good gift to a friend.
We have good prices and big discounts.
Thank you for reading this!

Those who wish to write a abuse, we want to be reminded of the responsibility for slander, undermining business and profits.
Our legal department will be happy to initiate a lawsuit against you and to receive compensation for financial losses caused by your actions.
In 2009, we won the 139 claims in 8 countries, and lost only 2.

Especially for Spamhaus employees, our newsletter is legal, anyone can unsubscribe it as simple as subscribe, we actually remove the email from our lists and are ready in 100% to defend its case in courts, initiating a lawsuit by a lawsuit.

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Here’s an invite to apply as an iPAD applications & games tester… Sucker!


Posted by Mr Spamalicious | Posted in Buyer Beware Spam - Email Come Ons for Vague Products and Services, Miscellaneous Spam - Spam That Defies Categorization | Posted on 07-05-2010

Dude, not only do you get the keep the iPad after testing it, they give you a free blow job too! Too funny. Don’t you even be thinking about signing up for this scam.

I just became an iPad apps tester, and thought you might like to try it out. 
Here's an invitation to become a tester too. They say you can keep the 
iPad when testing is finished. Grab it!


ningbao@gmail.com has invited you to candidate as an Apple iPAD software tester.

To accept this invite and sign-up as a tester, click here

If you haven't already heard about test iPad software, we are a organization 
that helps iPAD software coder make better apps, by discovering testers.

- We need 5000 iPAD apps testers
- We charge you nothing, no hidden costs
- Test iPad apps for 2 months
- Send weekly reports, suggestions
- When you are done the program, you keep the iPad

Here you can learn more about the program, and how you can join:


Apps Research Team


This is a one-time only invite. You will NEVER receive anymore mail from us!

One Silber Way, Vancouver, BC
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Real men arm wrestle…really, they do. Cross my heart.


Posted by Mr Spamalicious | Posted in Miscellaneous Spam - Spam That Defies Categorization | Posted on 07-01-2010

Ok, I thought for sure this would take me to a Viagra or porn site but it really does take me to an arm wrestling site. Honest spam, how quaint! But I must disagree with their sweeping generalizations. I’ll accept that the men who arm wrestle are in fact “real” but to declare that all “real” men must also arm wrestle is simply not accurate. Shame in them and their hyperbole!

Subject: Real men arm wrestle

arm wrestling

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