Spring.me has gone full retard.


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What’s worse than social media bullshit? Super fake social media bullshit. I wish this who  “what do think” crap would disappear. I can’t even watch my favorite shows without some lame pop-up covering a third of the screen asking me “what is your favorite egg dish?” or “did the judges get it right?”. Who the fuck cares! In 10 years the makers of these shows will look back and wonder why they thought intrusive pop-ups full of inane opinions was ever a good idea.

Music of the Day asked

Justin Timberlake’s new song “TKO” is about a bad breakup. What’s your breakup song?

Music of the Day asked

What do you think about Avicii and electronic dance music?

Music of the Day asked

Jason Derulo: “Talk Dirty” has some awesome dancing! What song always makes you dance?

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