Fake Walmart Western Union Secret Shopper Scam


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OMFG! Where do you start on something like this. They send you a fake check and then you go spend your own money to shop at Walmart (and you get to keep everthing you buy!) and then you go to Western Union to transfer a large sum to their agent. This too is your money. They will then pay you $200 for your trouble! WTF? Anyone who falls for this should receive 200 lashes with a wet noodle (linguine would suffice)


Congratulations, We would like to let you know that you have been selected in your area. We do have all the required details needed and we are happy to congratulate you on your new employment. So I have documented a file for you and it’s in record.

Shopper’s Guide wants you to run a survey on two prominent companies in your area.

The 1st is a WalMart Store
The 2nd is a Western Union/MoneyGram Location

A Check/Money order of between ($800 – $2,850) will be mailed out to you to carry out the Evaluation.
The funds have been calculated to cover both aspects of this survey. You will be allocated $100 for the Walmart shopping section.

All you have to do is walk into any of its location buy, buy and buy till you exhaust the money provided for this section, but you have to be in the store for at least 30 minutes, watching and taking note of everything (Remember that everything you buy is totally yours).

The management of Walmart intends to change the store’s environment, color, gift items and shopping/carrier bags etc, we are also looking into putting a stop to poor services. For these reasons we have decided to give the customers the opportunity to decide.

NOTE: You are to keep the WalMart receipt of everything you buy to the report.

There has been reports about lapses in the services of their Management and some of their staff,the complaints were based on reports which their customers forwarded anonymously and Phone calls which were also made to the Head office.The Walmart locations were reported for Evaluation and Negligence for the following reasons:

(I) Poor services
(II) Rude behaviour to customers
(III) Excess charges
(IV) Late opening time and Closing before time.

YOUR SECOND EVALUATION ( Between $600 – $2550)

The 2nd assignment Western union/MoneyGram

As you know there are Western Union/MoneyGram Outlets offering Money transfer services.
A lot of customers have reported lapses in Money transfer services in some Outlets around the U.S. Our need to act is based on reports and complaints which some customers forwarded anonymously and phone calls that were made to our head office.

Agent’s locations were reported for evaluation for the following reasons;

Slow services
Unbalanced exchange rate
Poor services
Rudeness to customers
Excess charge


To make a transfer of funds from the location to our agent with the remaining funds after you complete your first task.Funds would be picked up by our agent at the exact location which a customer reported his/her funds missing from.

You will have to record the time at which you got to the Western union/MoneyGram Outlet and how many minutes it took you to get the service.

You will also provide us with the Name of the cashier that attended to you along with the Address of the WalMart store.

You will be paid a commission of $100 for completing both tasks. Also you will be on a basic monthly salary of $1000.00 which you will be receiving every last day of the month end. Your reports should be drafted and sent to me via email immediately the assignment has been completed.

Please remember what we are really after are the lines of Questions stated below, these are guidelines that you will lookout for during your visits to the WalMart and Western Union/MoneyGram Outlet.


-How long it took you to get services.
-Ambiance/ Outlook of the Shop/ Outlet.
-Name and Smartness of the attendant.
-Customer service professionalism.
-Reaction of personal under pressure.
-Information that you think would be helpful.
-Your comments and impressions.
-Your personal opinion.

Note: Please, confirm that you did received this message so that the we can process funds that would be sent to you for the assignment.You Are not required to use your money upfront for any reason. We would be sending funds for the survey.

We want your total Co-operation, Support, Availability and Trust. Please confirm(Acknowledge) receipt of this email, by writing back before we proceed further.

Please make sure you reply to this email with the following information below :

First Name
Last Name
Street Address ( NO po box pls)
Zip Code
Cell Phone Number / Home Phone Number
Current Occupation:
Alternate Email Address
Days / Hours Available

Email all your information to our email: mbryancy@yahoo.ie

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation in order to start work soon.
Michael Bryan
Evaluation Coordinator

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I just got exactly this mail. And I live in Germany, where there’s no Walmart anymore… Hahaha.

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Have check so i cant buy somethink to walmart online how to send de money my money or send the money back to walmart

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They have streamlined the message. They know that people like me, don’t want to read so many unnecessary details. It was short and to the point, except for the money transfer part. They didn’t say anything about that YET. I guess they will never get the chance. Thank you website, for confirming my gut instinct

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Got this in my email…….

Dear Agent,

You have been accepted as one of our Mystery shopper/Survey Agent. You will be
evaluating Wal-Mart Stores and Western Union Services in your neighborhood,
Kindly check out for one Wal-Mart store and one Western union Agent outlet you
will like to evaluate, make sure the store and the outlet you will chose are
close to your area as much as possible, You will have to send the name and
address of the two location to us, Please note that you are to act Cool, Calm
and Confident through out the period which you will be carrying out your survey
at the store, in order not to arouse any suspicion. you will be shopping at
Wal-Mart stores and also make a transaction at the Western union, You will write a report about the customer services , you will send your report back to us via
Email, you will have to use the following pointers to prepare your report :

– Assessment and advice on customer care.

– Store layout and ease of selection.

– Depth of selection.

– Customer care programme and service audits.

– Staff appearance.

– Staffs approach.

– Staff knowledge of product.

– General Service level.

– Store cleanliness.

– Cash and wrap area appearance.

– Exit polls.

– Telephone surveys, and market research projects undertaken

A package will be sent out to you, inside the package you will find your
Compensation payment and other fund you will use to carry out your surveying
process , You must not use your personal money to complete any of the surveying
process and there will be no reimbursement of any kind since we are providing
you with all the fund you will need to carry out the survey. An Evaluation
Instruction will be given to you through email, this will tell you what to do at the Wal-mart and the Western union location and how to expend the fund at each
location. Please reply this Email and give us the name and address of the
Wal-mart and Western union location you will be evaluating and re-confirm all
your below details again in order to avoid confusion.


Paul Nicole

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I didnt get an email forasecretshopper but i did get one for wrapping your car in pepsiAds, So i filled out the info and sent it. then I got a text telling me my checks where on the way. I texted back that I did not want to except this, a few days later I get this Postal envelope, first class mail. In it where 2 checks (united states postal sevice money orders) for $970.00 and insstructins for this walmart/ western union shop.I gogled the name and adress and it is a hospital in NY, then BAM! up pops a virus allert! WTF!! Right. thank goodness I was abble to stop the virus (i hope). So do I turn this in to athorities or what do I do with this?

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Remember people are corrupt by nature. Most will sell their soul for a buck. After all this world was build by murderers, liars, cheats, and thieves.

This is and evil world and thats just the way people in control want it. Just be thankful your only here for a short while.

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People are by nature wanting to survive. These are hard times. A friend of mine is now in jail for attempting to rob the bank that is foreclosing on him. People are doing desperate things. But we are on this Earth a short while and our mission is to do as much good for each other as possible whenever possible. Thank you for alerting gullible people to this scam. You are a gift.

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I received a letter in the mail from Global Market Research 28th west 44th St, NY, NY, 10036

Position: customer service evaluator

1) participation pay $200.45
2) Amount for Western union $920.00
3) Service Fee $86.00
4) Funds for shopping assignment – you keep product $84.00

I was sent a cashier’s check for $1290.45
I was to deposit and wait to clear and call my assign training coordinator at 800 number to get my assignment. I called and the money for western union is to go to United Kingdom, ding ding ding, bells went off at that name. The money did clear but i am not touching.

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Got this in the mail today wanted to look it up before I did anything they sent me a check with 975$ wanted me to spend 100$ at Wal mart and send the rest back :/

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Yep. You spend $100 bucks of your own money at Walmart, then you send them $875 of your own money and then find out a week later the check is fraudulent or a has a stop payment on it. You’re out $875 cash and now have $100 in stuff from Walmart.

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My partner got one of these in the mail today. I can totally see how someone falls for this, especially if they have recently signed up to do some surveys. It looks like a perfectly good check; in fact, my next door neighbor, a bank manager, said the check is perfectly good…until the stop payment goes out on it once we Western Union the money. Thanks so much for this site…I was sure it was bogus, but it was nice to have quick confirmation.

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I got a USPS money order! How in the world do they expect to get the money back for. Money order??

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i just received a check today for $1600 at first I thought it was from my school…then i look at the envelope again and it had a real stamp (lol) so i immediately rushed out to the Arabs they said they didnt want to cash it because of the amount..so then i get home and realize it was a paper telling me about the check:

$300 Participation Wages
$950 Western Union
$100 WU Fee
$250 for a retail store

So I start looking up the company which is called “Universal Solutions: Retail Tailored Market Solutions” and they dont even have a website!!!

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I am currently looking at a check for 1902.00. I received a couple text messages confirming my interest. Several Red flags popped up. I was to go to Walmart and spend 50, take my 200 fee and send the rest to a Manilla, Phillippines address. The check was mailed from several towns over yet comes from a credit union in Missouri. No mention of Western Union on the check.
I checked the credit union which is an actual entity. then found this blog. This scam is quite professional. The paperwork, the check. Use the money after bank clears it made it more believable. Very well thought out. Beware of Paul Nicole!

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Whenever some person asks for your mailing address to send a check for a large amount and they tell you to take out a few hundred and send the rest back to him… stop dealing with them immediately. Its very common on Craig’s list as well, especially if you post an ad looking for a roommate. Here is how the scam works:

The person who sends you a check will send you a check that looks legitimate despite being from a foreign country or financial institution. Let’s say your Craigslist ad to find a roommate or renter is for 400$ a month with first and last month due at move in and requires a background check for your own safety. The first message you receive from this possible renter looks convincing and is scripted/automated. The story he gives is he is currently in “name of some out of state/country city” and he…or most often SHE… will say that he/she hired professional movers and won’t be there when the furniture arrives so he/she will ask if it’s okay to send a check to the address for rent or the address you prefer. Well, you are excited because you now have the opportunity to lessen the strain of your wallet because now you have a tenant or roommate. Immediately the background check is no longer a concern as this person is foreign and impossible to do a background check on.

A few days later you receive a check and find the check is for $1500! At the same time you get an email stating oops!! I sent you too much and to go ahead and cash it. He will then make up a story of how he/SHE is delayed and won’t be able to move in for another week or two and need the 700$ extra he/SHE accidentally sent you as soon as possible due to moving and some sob story of how he/she needs the cash.. yadda yadda yadda. He will then ask for you to send the extra cash priority to his address overseas, and will specifically ask for you to send cash, not a check as (insert some b.s. here of how his bank take months to cash, some obscene hold time, lost his id… any excuse works). You go ahead and mail the 700$ extra cash to the address and you never hear from him/her again. Your bank/financial institution calls you a week or two later. You just pissed them off because that check you cashed was fake as it failed to clear after a few weeks, not like in the domestic USA where all checks from domestic institutions are electronic and can be verified almost instantly now days. They no longer will allow yout enjoy a no to very low hold on your checks you cash/deposit and YOU ARE responsible for the money you cashed/deposited and you must pay them back.

Your head is now in full blown migraine mode, why must I pay? You ask yourself while thinking you have fraud protection. Well, fraud protection does not cover this kind of stupidity like identity theft or stolen numbers.

End of story….

I worked as lead teller at a pretty large credit union in dfw. I’ve seen this story about 10 times. Luckily I prevented this from going down about 9/10 times. Tellers would show me a foreign check and ask for approval for immediate deposit/cashing or put a few day hold on it (which it takes far longer to clear for overseas checks sometimes). I would see the check and immediately see “rent” or some other reason on the check for payment. I would walk over and introduce me and do a quick interview to see where it was from and what is it for (to approve or hold). He would then tell me about the same story from above. I would then cut him off a few small sentences into it and his ,or one time her, would drop their mouth in shock. I was literally praised for preventing this from tapering and a customer sent me a 500$ gift card to a very fancy restaurant in Dallas that had a note to it saying “dont worry, this one is real”.

Hope this wall of texts helps some of you… same premise for the “here is a large check to be a secret shopper… just cash it and western union or send me cash only to this foreign address”.

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The one I’ve received is they send me a money order (not a check) for $975. I spend $50 at Walmart and then go to western union to send the rest (minus my $200 payment) to another mystery shopper. And then email them a report on my experience at these stores. Never using any of my money. Of course I’m skeptical but never using any of my own money makes it hard to see the scam. Any thoughts?

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And it continues…if it’s to good to be true then it’s not.


We require secret survey agent,who can help us survey Western Union and Wal-Mart stores(stores might change) secretly without their knowledge as we have received lots of complaints regarding their services.

You will have to use the following pointers below to prepare your report:

– Assessment and advice on customer care.

– Store layout and ease of selection.

– Depth of selection.

– Customer care programme and service audits.

– Staff appearance.

The funds to shop at Wal-mart stores and to complete the Western Union survey would be provided by us.We feel you are dedicated and request you to fill in the following information below and send us back.

Is there a Western Union outlet nearby to your place(reply with a YES or NO):
Is there a Wal-Mart store nearby to your place(reply with a YES or NO):

Payment:You pay would be paid $200 on each evaluation and you could even take this as your part time job,which just requires an hour or so to complete the evaluation.

P.S: A brief description on how to go about the process would also be sent to your address with the funds for future references.

Thank you,
Roger Martin.

Don’t ever give out your name, address or phone # to anyone you don’t know. Stay safe!

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I am currently looking at a check for 1850.00. I received a couple text messages confirming my interest. Several Red flags popped up. I was to go to Walmart and spend 50, take my 400 fee and send the rest to a Russellville, AR. 72801 address. The check was mailed from service company. No mention of Western Union on the check.
This scam is quite professional. The paperwork, the check. Use the money after bank clears it made it more believable. Very well thought out. Beware of Keandra Alexander hiring Manager!

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I responded to a website where I could apply to be a mystery shopper at Walmart and get paid for doing it. Since I like shopping at Walmart I thought it would be fun. I applied on a Saturday and received a USPS money order for $970. My instructions were to take the check to my bank, deposit it, and immediately take the money out, spend $50 at Walmart, take $150. for my pay and send the rest back to another mystery shopper. I had the person’s name, city, state and zip code to sent by money gram. I was supposed to get the number and email it along with answering some questions to the contact person; James Giles. The part that sent a red flag for me was that I was to deposit the money order into my bank account. No one gets my account number that I don’t know or that I haven’t heard about so beware of this scam and if you do receive one call the USPS hotline at 1-800-372-8347.

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This is crazy! I worked with my bank to try and trace these guys, the check looked legitimate, and the teller even called the bank but there was no answer. She looked this mystery shopping job up on Google and it came up first, Western Union-Walmart Scam. And here you are!! After a lengthy discussion with my bank teller, who responded to my question, “What is the worst thing that could happen to me if the thing turns into a scam?” the teller stated that “nothing” would happen if I put the check into my account and wait for the 10days which is how soon the writer of the check has to report the check as non cashable, just enough time to get to Walmart, buy your groceries and do a mystery shop and then continue on to Western Union to send the obligatory check to the next “mystery shopper”. yeah, right. So, because I wrote to them and stated that I would not do any work until the check cashed, the pulled the money and left me with 20$ per check in uncollectible check fees, funny, the teller never mentioned that one, even though we discussed every other possibility of a scam with that bank that the Walmart/Western Union Moneygram was using for their checks. Now, my bank denies any such discussion, I am stuck with the $40 overdraft fees and the bank refuses to cancel those fees, and now I have another check from some other mystery shopper company! Furthermore, my bank, Citizens Bank, refuses not only to acknowledge the conversation that I had with them, nor take away the $40 processing fee and cut me off from seeking other restitution by marking my account so that no one else could credit me with the $40 non cashing fee, or what ever they called it. I am not quite sure why they are being so mean to me, why can’t they just credit me with the fee that she never mentioned to me even though I specifically asked her what might happen, or the worst that could happen. The bank initially agreed to help me locate the people involved, now, of course they don’t remember! You are on your own on this one…watch out. Please report this group to the Better Business Bureau locally and to the Federal Trade Commission nationally. We can beat this so no more people get harmed!

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I received a check for $1995.15 from WALMART asking me to be a mystery shopper. They also had a website where one would go to put in the provided user name and password. The website is:http://www.walmartextrainc.com/

I went to the website and logged in and they ask you to activate the check that was sent to you. Curious, I activated the check and within 10 minutes i received a call from a foreigner with a thick middle eastern accent. I immediately hung up. Within another 10 minutes they called and I immediately hung up. I blocked their number.

I did some more investigating on the website and they had assignments attached to this particular check and they were:
1. Deposit Check into regular bank account (saving or checking, check purpose: PAYROLL)
2. Funds should be available between 12-24 hours.
3. Deduct your participation pay: $350.00
4. Withdraw balance money to do assigned assignment.(Proceed to next step immediatelly).
5. Generate your assignment break down (Locate store to evaluate)

The website further explains why they’re doing what they’re doing:

Stores and organizations such as The Gap, Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, Ria, Money Gram and Western Union amongst many others pay WALMART EXTRA EXPERIENCE Secret Shoppers to shop in their establishments and report their experiences. On top of being paid for shopping you are also allowed to keep purchases for free. WALMART EXTRA EXPERIENCE NEVER charge fees to the shopper. Helping to drive exceptional bottom-line performance, nearly 800,000 shoppers have registered at our website, performing millions of shops throughout Europe and North America. With our continual investment in the latest internet and communication technologies, you can rest assured that working with WALMART EXTRA EXPERIENCE is a satisfying and rewarding experience.


It’s fun and rewarding, you are not obligated to accept offer. There is no charge to become a shopper and you do not need previous experience.

I have since contacted Walmart to make sure they were aware that someone is using the Walmart name to scam the unsuspecting consumer.

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got below email from email address …


We are accepting applications from qualified individuals from all-over the world to become Secret-Shopper. There is no charge to become a shopper and you do not need previous experience.

After you sign up, you will have access to training materials from us. Should you interested, your wages would be US $200 per assignment. No commitment is made on this job and you would have flexible hours. At least 2 evaluations a week will be assigned to you because this is a part time job and we think this job suits you. We will provide you the money for all of your evaluations.

Money order/Payment check would be in a certain amount which you would be required to Cash at your Bank, then deduct your salary and have the rest used for the evaluation at the store that would be given to you for evaluations.

Provide the following information if you interested and we will get back shortly with an your assignment.

* Your Name (first/last):
* Your Physical Address:
* City, State, & Zip Code:
* Phone Numbers(cell/home):
* Current Occupation:

We are waiting your good response, Thank you.

(Candidate from USA & Europe are allowed to apply for this offer)

Samuel Coleman
Head of Recruitment
SS-Network @2015

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