And On The Seventh Day The Lord Checked His Email, Cursed His Creation, And Cast The Spammers Into The Lake Of Fire…

Yeah, I wish. Unfortunately spam is here to stay. We collectively spend billions of dollars in additional infrastructure just to support these criminals. Their spam clogs our bandwidth and pollutes our inbox.

But in this barrage of digital debris we get a glimpse of ourselves in our darkest and most depraved moments. We laugh at the audacious statements and tricks. Penis enlargement patches that promise and extra 3-4 inches (talk about stretch marks..and I mean for the man!). An unsolicited letter from the child of a deceased African leader who desperately needs YOUR help to transfer $25,000,000 out of a secret bank account. Viagra and Cialis from creepy online merchants that make Oakland crack dealers look respectable. A unexpected announcement that you are the winner of The Worldwide International Lottery…and you didn’t even have to play because the winners are chosen randomly from a pool of public emails! Imagine that!

Laugh all you want, but it works. The proof is in the billions of email spam sent daily. If you could reach one million people for free, how many suckers would you need to turn a profit? The answer is one. One in a million.

I used to get frustrated by all the junk, but now I just find it interesting. Spam is designed to catch us at our most desperate moments. It’s in these moments that the ridiculous sounds plausible, the suspect sound reasonable, and our better judgment is sacrificed at the alter of anxiety, doubt, and greed… and sometimes just plain stupidity.

Don’t be that one in a million.

Money need urgently please replay me fast……

 This is good one.

On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 10:41 PM, Neeraj shivhare wrote:

i need urgently money.please  help me i need 777USD money. i will give back your money.
if you are able to do my help .then i will give you my bank account no.

On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 11:05 PM, Mr. Spamalicious <> wrote:

Sorry, but my limit is $776 dollars on personal loans.
You were so close too!

On Sun, Aug 25, 2014 at 5:48 PM, Neeraj shivhare wrote:

that was i trying , sir, in this world there is no anybody giving me help.
if you give me.  i think your heard is so big.
i think you love to god.

need  urgently 500 USD give me please . this is the for my life.
i can’t explain every thing in english. but .if you are real. if you give me help

because  i really need money sir, what can i do for you to get money.
sir, i give back your all money with in one year.please help me..

sir, in this world i was tired to asking to do my help.but there is not any body giving me replay.

sir, i am a real person.

On Sun, Aug 25, 2014 at 5:48 PM, Neeraj shivhare wrote:

i am not very good in english.if i have do done any mistake  so please

On 8/25/14, Mr. Spamalicious <> wrote:

Yes, I am very offended by your improper English and total disregard for

Get back to me when your writing skills improve.

On Sun, Aug 25, 2014 at 5:48 PM, Neeraj shivhare wrote:

respected sir, sorry sorry sorry

i am very sorry.please
explain me what can i do get help.

On 8/25/14, Mr. Spamalicious <> wrote:

You see what I mean? Your writing didn’t improve. Do you think that was an improvement over your last email?

You need more than one minute of practice.

I recommend you start with this book:

On Sun, Aug 25, 2014 at 5:52 PM, Neeraj shivhare wrote:

respected sir,

i want to say true. i have no time to do any thing.ok sir,i really just need money today.
today .I need to pay my collage if you able to do my help so please help me.
this is final year of my collage.sorry if you don’t able to do my help.if please you will
do my help i promise i will give back your all money.because i am doing  part time job.

 and i started my job from 16.08.2014.

On Sun, Aug 25, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Neeraj shivhare wrote:

i am in big problem .me and my family is suffering from poverty.
sir, i really need money to do help me and my family.
i want to grow up my business . and i need money to start my
business. sir, i will always oblige to you.
kindly sir, please help me.
sorry, sorry .SORRY .SORRY. SORRY

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Goofy Fake Google Award

Wow, this one is a fine example of poor layout, although it looks like many of the alleged portfolios I see from Indian designers. Click on the image below to see the full size version.

Dear Google User.

Attached to this email is your anniversary notification for being an active user of Google.

Mr. Matt Brittin
Google UK.

fake google award spam


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Fake Cpanel Login Phishing Scam

This appears to be sent  from but it’s just some lame phishing scheme to make you give up your logins and passwords. The biggest give away is your hosting provider would contact you, not the the third party admin panel they installed. They wouldn’t sent a JPG screenshot either.

fake cpanel login phishing scam




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Fuck and Fuck Jeffery Scott

These numbskulls have spammed ever single one of my emails. Fuck them, fuck their shitty company and fuck Jeffery Scott. I wouldn’t use their services if they had the cure for cancer.

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What’s worse than social media bullshit? Super fake social media bullshit. I wish this who  “what do think” crap would disappear. I can’t even watch my favorite shows without some lame pop-up covering a third of the screen asking me “what is your favorite egg dish?” or “did the judges get it right?”. Who the fuck cares! In 10 years the makers of these shows will look back and wonder why they thought intrusive pop-ups full of inane opinions was ever a good idea.

Music of the Day asked

Justin Timberlake’s new song “TKO” is about a bad breakup. What’s your breakup song?

Music of the Day asked

What do you think about Avicii and electronic dance music?

Music of the Day asked

Jason Derulo: “Talk Dirty” has some awesome dancing! What song always makes you dance?

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